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Why others have joined us

Every firm applying to join MASS is asked the same question – “Why do you want to join MASS?”

Here are just some of the answers given by firms who joined us in 2015

“To benefit from knowledge and training and mutual sharing of information.”

“We are a recently formed company with a growing caseload. We believe that by joining MASS we will have the benefits of networking with local firms in the same area of practice. We also know that MASS offer exceptional training courses which will be of benefit to our staff. In particular, the regional meetings enable firms to exchange ideas, views and knowledge. We also feel that being part of MASS will help to keep our staff updated in relation to RTA issues. We also feel that it would be good for clients to know that we are part of the MASS organisation.”
CAM Legal Services

“Feel that being a member of MASS would assist Carpenters in Scotland. Although a relatively small organisation they feel they can contribute positively to regional meetings, keen to attend the MASS conference and interested in the information and idea sharing, support and benefits that they would have by being members of MASS.”
Carpenters Scotland

“Believe we will benefit from industry insight, the opportunity to discuss issues with member firms and develop their staff through MASS training.”
Paschal J O’Hare Solicitors

“Really think, in view of the high volume and varied range of RTA work that we do, we should be Members of MASS, and should have joined years ago! As a firm we do a great deal of lobbying of own local MPs, vocal about the changes, but think we need to do this together, collectively and as one voice. Would continue to do own responses, etc., but would like to add their voice to the collective MASS opinion.”
Sheldon Davidson

“Number of different reasons, obviously would like the MASS logo on letterhead and website, etc., but feel it is much more than that. Essential to be part of a bigger collective, will make it easier to have their voice heard, want very much to be involved in lobbying, in doing what is necessary to lobby the government and make ourselves heard, for us and our clients. Want to help to influence and shape, and get our views across to the government.”
Walker Prestons Solicitors Ltd

How our Members feel

When we talk to our members about what they feel is important to them, we do get a variety of answers, but the overall values are in the same vein:

  • MASS is a body well recognised within the industry
  • Recommend membership to anyone involved in PI/RTA work
  • Very helpful to meet others doing same kind of work
  • We are all in it for the same reason – to help people – that’s the name of the game
  • We are a community
  • It’s a great way to be involved

Would you like to join us?

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Our Mission Statement

MASS promotes the highest standards of legal services through education and representation in the pursuit of justice for victims of road traffic accidents.