Child Brain Injury Trust launches charity partnership with MASS

2nd February 2017Child Brain Injury Trust launches charity partnership with MASS

Rachel Parsons
Head of Fundraising
Child Brain Injury Trust


Every half an hour in the UK, a child will suffer a brain injury.  Out of nowhere, brain injury can strike and devastate the life of the child and their entire family. Right now, the charity is supporting almost 250 children who have suffered a brain injury as the result of a road traffic accident and countless others who have  acquired a brain injury as a result of other types of accidents, an illness like meningitis, a stroke, poisoning or a brain tumour.

The Child Brain Injury Trust is the only brain injury charity that provides support for the whole family.  We recognise the massive impact that this devastating injury has on parents, siblings and the wider family network and of course, on the child themselves.

Across the UK, we have a network of Child and Family Support coordinators who are attached to major trauma centres and are there for families in the dark days that follow a child’s injury, when they leave hospital and then as they return home. Our team supports the child as they go back to school, working with their teachers and also their friends to help them to ease back into education. We support families for as long as they need us and the services they access are tailored to meet their specific needs.

The support of MASS and the MASS members will help us enormously as we rely entirely on fundraising to continue our vital services.  We thank you for working with us in 2017 and look forward to seeing the opportunities this partnership will bring. To find out more about our work as the support service is just the tip of the iceberg, please visit




Our Mission Statement

MASS promotes the highest standards of legal services through education and representation in the pursuit of justice for victims of road traffic accidents.