General Election Update – 13/12/19

General Election UpdateGeneral Election UpdateEmailed to Members 13/12/19

From Jane Loney, Executive Director

You will by now all be well aware that the Conservative Party achieved an historic electoral victory in yesterday’s general election, with the Labour vote crumbling in its traditional heartlands in the North and Midlands. With a commanding 78 seat majority in the Commons we can now reasonably anticipate a more stable period in Parliament for the next four or five years.

There was to every little mention of civil justice in any of the party manifestos and so we will be pushing to ensure that this important area is given the full consideration in Parliament that it deserves. Despite the widespread concerns coming from across the sector, the MoJ/MIB line, both publicly and in private, remains that the Civil Liability Act and the new Portal will be implemented in April 2020. Once the MoJ Ministerial team is confirmed, we shall be pushing further for a sensible delay and making early representations in Parliament. It will likely take several weeks before the new Parliament is fully up and running with Select Committees elected.

The House of Commons itself will once again look very different with many familiar faces having either chosen/or been forced to go ahead of the polls or having been defeated yesterday:

  • There are 153 new MPs, including 105 new Conservatives.
  • There are a record (but small increase) in the number of female MPs (220 or 34%) and those from a BAME background (65 or 10%).
  • Depending upon your point of view it is either a very inexperienced or refreshingly new Commons – only 143 out of 650 MPs were first elected before the 2010 general election and over half (380 MPs) have now been elected since 2015.
  • There are a number of new MPs with a legal background, including at least one with a background in personal injury – we will be particularly making early contact with these MPs.

There are new MPs in each region and full lists will be circulated to your MASS regional representative early next week for circulation.

We shall of course keep you fully informed of any further developments in the meantime.

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