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November 2017MASS Blogged 2017

Not another potential reason for rising Insurance Premiums

Our thanks this month go to Peter Adlard, Head of Legal Operations at Hebble Law in Liverpool and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for Merseyside and The Wirral.

MASS Blogged 2017MASS Blogged 2017October 2017

Insurance and the driverless cars

Kate Sweeney, Partner and Head of Personal Injury for Stephensons Solicitors LLP and MASS Regional Co-ordinator – Manchester, considers the hot topic of ‘Insurance and the driverless cars’

MASS Blogged 2017September 2017MASS Blogged 2017

Dictionary Corner Word of the Day – Nugatory

The debate on Access to Justice, and more importantly its erosion in recent years, has never been more relevant. Kieran Magee, Partner and Head of Compliance for True Solicitors LLP in Leeds and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for Yorkshire takes stock of the recent erosions.

MASS Blogged 2017MASS Blogged 2017August 2017

Part 36, Fixed Costs Reforms and Indemnity Costs

Adam Thorpe, MASS Regional Co-ordinator for the North East and a Solicitor and Manager of the Litigation Team at Winn Solicitors in Byker, keeps us updated on Part 36, Fixed Costs Reforms and Indemnity Costs.

MASS Blogged 2017July 2017MASS Blogged 2017

QOCS for Scots

Brian Castle, MASS Regional Co-ordinator for Scotland and a Partner at Digby Brown, questions whether QOCS for Scots is a good thing for victims of road traffic accidents in Scotland

MASS Blogged 2017MASS Blogged 2017June 2017

Diversity – the spice of life?

Paul Nicholls, Senior Partner at Nicholls Brimble Solicitors and MASS Vice Chair shares his experience of diversifying and tells us it can be an invaluable way to keep your existing clients

MASS Blogged 2017MASS Blogged 2017May 2017

The Law Commission – why aren’t we using it?

Our thanks this month go to Fiona Scurlock (PI Solicitor at Gray Hooper Holt LLP and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for the South East)

MASS Blogged 2017MASS Blogged 2017April 2017

The ever-changing world of prosthetics

Rachel Green gives us food for thought when considering claims involving prosthetics. Rachel is Principal Associate (Deputy Group Leader) at Lyons Davidson, Bristol and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for the South West

MASS Blogged 2017March 2017MASS Blogged 2017

Changes to the Discount Rate

Claire Watson, Partner, Personal injury litigation at George Ide LLP explains why the Lord Chancellor’s attention to detail brings welcome relief

MASS Blogged 2017

MASS Blogged 2017February 2017

Look – no hands!

Our thanks to Shelyna Mariscal, MASS Regional Co-ordinator for East Anglia and Partner, Personal Injury, at Hansells in Norwich who contemplates the ‘whole new world’ of driverless cars

MASS Blogged 2017MASS Blogged 2017January 2017

Off to the Court of Appeal we go … again …

Credit hire
Davinya Scott, Solicitor and Litigation Supervisor at True Solicitors LLP in Birmingham who is waiting with bated breath … could the definitive formula for calculating Basic Hire Rate finally be within our grasp after all these years of uncertainty?

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