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MASS Blogged 2018MASS BlogsNovember 2018

FCA regulation Claims Management Companies

Paul Drabble, Partner and Personal Injury Solicitor (Road Traffic Accidents) for True Solicitors LLP in Leeds and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for Yorkshire.

Regulation of CMCs will to pass from the Ministry of Justice to the Financial Conduct Authority on 1st April 2019. Paul considers the conflicts ….

MASS Blogged 2018MASS BlogsOctober 2018

The challenges ahead

Adam Thorpe, Solicitor and Manager of the Litigation Team at Winn Solicitors in Byker and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for the North East.

As the Civil Liability Bill moved to the brink of royal assent this week, Adam wonders whether anyone has any idea of how claims will operate on a day to day basis for LIPs or practitioners post implementation?

MASS Blogged 2018MASS BlogsSeptember 2018

Collaboration is the Key to Fighting Fraud – Not the Wholesale Removal of Legitimate Claimant Rights

Brian Castle, Partner at Digby Brown Solicitors and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for Scotland, looks at the Government’s proposed whiplash reforms and questions whether they are likely to lead to further eradicate fraudulent claims and suggests they could actually have the opposite effect.

MASS Blogged 2018MASS BlogsAugust 2018

Musing as I’m cruising – the witterings of a Vice Chair

MASS Vice Chair Paul Nicholls takes a cruise which leads him down memory lane!


MASS Blogged 2018MASS BlogsJuly 2018

Legal Apprenticeships – act now to benefit

MASS Training Co-ordinator, Elena Papantoni tells us it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee!


MASS Blogged 2018MASS BlogsJune 2018

The pros and cons of ‘paperless’

Fiona Scurlock  is a PI Solicitor at Gray Hooper Holt LLP and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for the South East – and she is struggling to let go!


MASS Blogged 2018MASS BlogsMay 2018

Personal injury amputee claims 

Paul Fretwell, Personal Injury Partner at George Ide LLP, asks “who should pay the price for prosthetics and remedial care?”

MASS Blogged 2018MASS BlogsApril 2018

Dash cam use in road traffic accidents

Rachel Green, Head of Fatal Claims for Lyons Davidson, looks the increasing use and benefits of dash cams and how they can play an important part in RTA claims.

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MASS Blogged 2018

MASS BlogsMarch 2018

MedCo – a personal experience

Shelyna Mariscal, a Partner at Hansells in Norwich and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for East Anglia, recently suffered a whiplash injury. She recounts her own unsatisfactory ‘MedCo experience’!

MASS Blogged 2018MASS BlogsFebruary 2018

Rehab Matters!

Angela Fitzpatrick, Solicitor and MASS Central West Regional Co-ordinator considers the importance of rehabilitation following injury.


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MASS Blogged 2018MASS BlogsJanuary 2018

Is MedCo Really Working?

Matt Currie, Managing Partner for Motor Road Traffic Accident Claims at Irwin Mitchell and MASS Regional Co-ordinator – Central East


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