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MASS BlogsMASS BlogsNovember 2019

New drug driving initiative in Scotland

Brian Castle welcomes the changes and hope they deter motorists getting behind the wheel under the influence of drugs and lead to safer roads in Scotland

Brian is a Partner at Digby Brown Solicitors and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for Scotland

MASS BlogsMASS BlogsOctober 2019

Home Sweet Home

Fiona Scurlock looks at the benefits of working from home to both staff and employers.

Fiona is a PI Solicitor at Gray Hooper Holt LLP, Redhill and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for the South East.

MASS BlogsMASS BlogsAugust 2019

Boris and Bikes

Diarmuid McKeown deliberates on accidents involving bicycles – should cyclists have third party insurance?

Diarmuid is Principal Solicitor at McKeowns Solicitors and MASS Regional Co-ordinator for Northern Ireland.

MASS BlogsMASS BlogsMASS BlogsJuly 2019

Dangerous bad driving ruins lives

Tailgating, middle lane hogging, blinding with full-beam headlights, road rage – Paul Lewis tell us “Now’s the time to kick the habit”!

Paul is Partner, Personal Injury, Landlord & Tenant, Marketing and Business Development – Accident Management at George Ide LLP  in Chichester

MASS BlogsMASS BlogsJune 2019

The Fatal Accidents Act 1976 – Insult to Fatal Injury

Craig Butler concludes that the law remains harsh and perhaps grossly unfair – and that a wholesale review of the FAA is long overdue.

Craig is an Associate at Wolferstans Solicitors in Plymouth and a Solicitor in their Serious Injury Team. Craig is also MASS Regional Co-ordinator for the South West.

MASS BlogsMASS BlogsMay 2019

You are amazing!

Shelyna Mariscal sets a challenge ‘What will you start, continue and stop doing to develop and grow the desired culture within your firm?’

Shelyna is Partner, Personal Injury, at Hansells in Norwich.

What does in-house legal training involve? - April 2019What does in-house legal training involve? - April 2019April 2019

What does in-house legal training involve?

Find out how easy it is to get MASS Training to come to you and deliver training specific to the needs of your staff.

MASS BlogsMASS BlogsMarch 2019

Reduction in (Un)meritorious Claims?

Matt Currie is Managing Partner for Motor Road Traffic Accident Claims at Irwin Mitchell. Read Matt’s blog to find out why he considers that the definition of ‘meritorious’ is about as clear as ‘leaving the EU’!


MASS Blogs

MASS BlogsFebruary 2019

Arbitration post reform – one to think about

Our thanks this month go to Peter Adlard, Head of Legal Operations at Hebble Law in Liverpool, who gives us food for thought …


MASS Blogs

MASS Blogsmass blogsJanuary 2019

How well do you know your Highway Code?

Kate Sweeney tells us about several new laws coming into force this year which will impact both driving and MOTs, and reminds us that it is the responsibility of drivers to keep up to date with changes to the Highway Code and the law.

Kate is a Partner and Head of Personal Injury for Stephensons Solicitors LLP, Leigh. She is also MASS Regional Co-ordinator for the Manchester area.

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