You are amazing! – May 2019

You are amazing!

was the encouraging statement that greeted each staff member at my firm’s recent Annual General Meeting. We were reminded or perhaps informed for the first time that every single one of us has the opportunity and ability to change the experience, each day, of everyone who makes contact with our firm.

I’m sure we all know only too well that obtaining and maintaining clients is imperative for the survival and profitability of any law firm. So when a client walks through our door, makes a phone call or sends an email the response they receive is so vitally important. We’re told we don’t get a second chance to create a first impression. Therefore if the receptionist can put clients at ease, the secretary can ensure enquiries are actioned and the fee earner can advise and assist in a professional manner we can only advance the firm. This has started a number of positive conversations amongst our staff and has already prompted some interesting suggestions on ways to improve our clients’ experience and make our firm better tomorrow than it is today.

I took away from the meeting that I have a role in creating and moulding the culture of the firm but so does every member of staff. We all contribute to this.

The Partners were asked to reveal to the meeting what they will during the next year:

  • Start doing
  • Continue to do
  • Stop doing

I personally found these challenging questions and speaking with my fellow Partners I know I was not alone in this. The response to this part of the meeting however, has been universally positive. Maybe it was the simply the sight of Partners moving out of their comfort zone. We were, however, for those few moments, vulnerable and possibly appeared a little more human, more relatable.

I therefore pose the same questions to you all. What will you start, continue and stop doing to develop and grow the desired culture within your firm?

You are amazing! - May 2019

You are amazing! - May 2019Shelyna Mariscal, author of “You are amazing!” is a Partner, Personal Injury, at Hansells in Norwich.



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