MASS responds to the Aviva press statement

Press release
9th September 2016

The real question for UK consumers is whether it is worth spending less than £1 per week to preserve the fundamental right to justice and claim compensation for injuries? Naturally consumers want their premiums to come down, but Aviva’s loaded research is unlikely to have presented the true cost of supporting the proposed whiplash reforms to consumers – loss of rights in non-fault road traffic accidents.

MASS responds to the Aviva press statementSue Brown, Chair of MASS said: “The real agenda for Aviva is to save the company money and prevent injured victims from receiving justice and fair compensation. If solicitors providing professional legal advice can be removed from the process, then that would probably suit them just fine.

The insurance industry has a poor record of permanently reducing premiums to customers after supposed ‘savings’ have been found in the system. Periods of reductions have been followed by periods of sharp increases, as we are currently experiencing.

As for the other assertions, the figure used for whiplash levels in France is over 12 years old and has since increased substantially and the figures used for reduction in the number of accidents is for fatal injuries, not the 740,000 less-serious and minor accidents that the Department for Transport estimates take place in the UK every year.”

Aviva’s press release is available here

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