MASS in the Media – 2018

MASS in the Media - 2018

December 2018

Understanding the consequences
Modern Insurance Magazine Issue 35, 12th December 2018
MASS Chair, Paul Nicholls, considers the six remaining areas to be dealt with by regulations under the Civil Liability Act 2018.

City watchdog tells claims farmers new regime offers ‘trust dividend’
Law Society Gazette, 14th December 2018
Piece based on an article by the Financial Conduct Authority’s Head of Claims Management appearing in the Winter edition of MASS Insight Magazine.

November 2018

MedCo starts consultation on whiplash portal
Insurance Post, 2 November 2018
Comments from MASS Chair, Paul Nicholls, warns that the lessons from MedCo’s early problems must be learnt as a new LIP Portal is developed: “We know from the experience of MedCo that insufficient testing resulted in severe problems that were then more difficult to resolve. It was too rushed in its implementation and poor and inadequate planning led to unforeseen and unintended consequences”.

October 2018

Whiplash portal “on track” for April 2020  launch
Legal Futures, 18 October 2018
Article on contributions to the MASS Annual Conference on 17 October 2018, including quotes from Paul Nicholls, in his first address as new Chair of MASS.

LiP-friendly small claims portal on course for April 2020
Law Society Gazette, 17 October 2018
Coverage of the MASS Annual Conference on 17 October 2018.

Not too late?
Modern Insurance Magazine Issue 34, 11th October 2018
Article by outgoing MASS Chair, Simon Stanfield, arguing that it’s not too late to protect the rights of motor accident victims if the tariff of damages and the new small claims limit are set at levels that are fairer and more reasonable.

September 2018

“No way” whiplash portal will be ready for April 2020
Legal Futures, 20 September 2018
Coverage of the PI Futures conference with comments from one of the speakers, Simon Stanfield, Chair of MASS, on the status of the whiplash reforms as the Civil Liability Bill progresses through Parliament.

August 2018

Temperature starts to rise ahead of Civil Liability Bill debate
Legal Futures, 30th August 2018
Extensive comments from MASS Chair, Simon Stanfield, ahead of the Second Reading of the Civil Liability Bill in the House of Commons.

MASS calls for means to make insurers pass on savings
Claims Magazine, 29th August 2018
Coverage of MASS press release on limiting insurer profits from savings ahead of the Second Reading of the Civil Liability Bill.

Time to put a lid on insurer profits resulting from savings from the whiplash reforms
Press release – 29th August 2018
MASS calls upon the Government to go beyond its commitment about the insurance industry reporting on consumer savings resulting from the whiplash reforms and to introduce a series of stronger measures.

Learning from past mistakes
Modern Insurance Magazine Issue 33, 24th August 2018
Article by MASS Chair, Simon Stanfield, on the lessons to be learnt from previous Government IT programmes as a new LiP Portal for RTA claims is announced.

MASS’ Simon Stanfield on how whiplash reform sacrifices legitimate claims
Insurance Post, 10th August 2018
Trade Voice Column by MASS Chair, Simon Stanfield, calls for the whiplash reforms to be fairer and more reasonable as the Civil Liability Bill completes its 3-month passage through the House of Lords.

July 2018

The war is far from over
Modern Insurance Magazine Issue 32, 25th July 2018
MASS Chair, Simon Stansfield, promises that scrutiny of the Civil Liability Bill will continue following its successful navigation from the House of Lords.

June 2018

Challenging the politicisation of the judicial process
Modern Insurance Magazine Issue 31, 12th June 2018
Article by MASS Chair, Simon Stanfield, on challenging the politicisation of the judicial process during the passage of the Civil Liability Bill.

Former LCJ bids to axe tariffs from Civil Liability Bill
Law Society Gazette, 8 June 2018
MASS comment supporting amendments tabled by Lord Beecham and former Lord Chief Justice Lord Woolf to the Civil Liability Bill.

May 2018

Several articles considering the publication of draft regulations alongside the Civil Liability Bill include comments from MASS Chair, Simon Stanfield: “These hastily prepared draft regulations fail to address the fundamental issues about the politicisation of damage awards by the judiciary and a medical diagnosis by civil servants rather than medical experts. This response to the widespread criticism of the Bill from all sides of the Lords fall spectacularly short”. Our hope is that Peers will see this for what it is – a poor defence of the MoJ’s land grab of an independent judicial process”.

It’s still not too late to stop and think again
Modern Insurance Magazine Issue 30, 3rd May 2018
Simon Stanfield argues that the evidence base for the Government’s whiplash reforms is disputed, unreliable and is in some areas entirely speculative.

April 2018

The Slow Path to Injustice
The Expert Witness Journal (Volume 1 Issue 23 – Spring 2018)
Simon Stanfield, Chair of MASS, critiques the Government’s whiplash reforms and the unfair and disproportionate measures in the Civil Liability Bill.

Roundtable: Where next for personal injury reform?
Insurance Post, 24th April 2018
Report on roundtable discussion on the whiplash reforms and the Civil Liability Bill with contributions from Simon Stanfield, Chair of MASS.

Solicitors hail Lords committee’s whiplash amendments
Insurance Times, 23 April 2018
The Insurance Times reports that MASS “is celebrating a small victory” after a House of Lords committee supported its recommendations for amendments to the Civil Liability Bill.

‘Skeletal’ whiplash bill threatens to sideline parliament, peers warn
Law Society Gazette, 20th April 2018
Report on a highly critical report of the Civil Liability Bill from a House of Lords Committee following a submission from MASS and with subsequent quotes.

Lack of detail in Civil Liability Bill will “severely limit parliamentary scrutiny”, peers warn
Legal Futures, 20th April 2018
Coverage of the House of Lords Committee report into the Civil Liability Bill which warns that the lack of detail will limit parliamentary scrutiny, following a submission from MASS.

One step forward, two steps back
Modern Insurance Magazine Issue 29, 12th April 2018
Article by Chair of MASS, Simon Stanfield, applauding moves in the House of Lords to ban cold calling, which would greatly benefit the personal injury market.

March 2018

Insurers and claimant lawyers react to whiplash reforms
Insurance Post, 21 March 2018
Video and article with various stakeholder comments on the introduction of the Civil Liability Bill with a contribution from Simon Stanfield, Chair of MASS.

February 2018

Series of articles following MASS revealing that MoJ Ministers plan to implement its controversial whiplash reforms in April 2019 with quotes from Simon Stanfield, Chair of MASS: “MASS shall continue to fight the proposed changes to RTA whiplash claims at every opportunity – but if parliament approves the plans and they do proceed, there are still huge questions about how it would be implemented, operated and how the worst consequences can be limited. There is an enormous amount for the government to sort out if it is to hit its April 2019 target date.”

January 2018

Articles including comment from Simon Stanfield, Chair of MASS, criticising the rationale for raising the small claims limit.

Response to Justice Committee hearing on raising Small Claims Limit
Press release – 16th January 2018
MASS comment following Lord Keen’s appearance before the House of Commons Justice Select Committee on raising the small claims limit.

Association of District Judges Bulletin – January 2018
MASS Chair, Simon Stanfield, on the raising of the small claims limit.

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