Government ‘using sledgehammer to crack whiplash nut’

Legal expenses provider Coplus calls on government to rethink its whiplash plans

Please use this link to read the full article which first appeared in Insurance Times 16th January 2018

ArticlGovernment 'using sledgehammer to crack whiplash nut'e contains the following quote from MASS Chair Simon Stanfield who criticised the government’s plans to deprive personal injury claimants of legal representation.

“It is extremely disappointing, but not surprising in the slightest, that the government continues not to listen and is formulating this major reform programme with little or no reliable data or evidence, instead basing it upon some historical assumptions about fraud, in particular from the ABI, that have long since been discredited by all sides in the debate,” he said.

”These reforms will have a very real impact upon hundreds of thousands of innocent accident victims every year and the government must have a better answer to some of the consequences than relying upon an already over-stretched charitable sector to support LIPs navigate a process that they will find complex and hoping that a re-energised CMC market can somehow be contained.”

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