MASS calls for means to make insurers pass on savings

Claims Magazine, 29th August 2018

By Mark Dugdale

The Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS) is calling upon the government to go beyond its commitment to provide a means for reporting on the consumer savings made by the proposed whiplash reforms, made during the passage of the Civil Liability Bill in the House of Commons.

MASS wants the government to “genuinely hold the insurance industry to account on behalf of consumers, who have too often been spun half-truths and delivered only broken promises about supposed cost savings being returned in lower premiums”, according to a statement.

The society’s intervention came ahead of the Civil Liability Bill’s return to the House of Commons on 4 September.

MASS calls for means to make insurers pass on savingsMASS calls for means to make insurers pass on savingsSimon Stanfield, chair of MASS, said: “If the savings resulting from the current round of whiplash reforms are as significant as it is claimed—justifying the erosion of an individual’s right to claim justice following a motor accident—then it is only fair that robust measures are put in place to ensure that the savings are passed on to consumers.”

“Insurance sector promises ring hollow with the experience of past performance and ever inventive new excuses for rising premiums in the face of increased profits.”

Insurers pledged to pass on the estimated £1.2 billion that they will save as a result of whiplash reform, although the government has been criticised for not including a means in the Civil Liability Bill to ensure that this will happen.

The government confirmed in July that it will develop and table an amendment to the Civil Liability Bill that will provide a means for reporting on the public commitment made by the insurance industry to pass savings on to consumers.

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