MASS in the Media – 2019

MASS in the Media - 2019

November 2019

New Challenges
Modern Insurance Magazine, Issue 41, 13th November 2019
MASS Chair, Paul Nicholls’ article on some of the remaining issues with MedCo’s transition to serving self-litigants under the whiplash reforms

MoJ defends position on access to justice for children amid whiplash criticism
Insurance Post, 5th November
MASS Chair, Paul Nicholls’ comments on the problems with the future plans for children and minors who suffer an injury in road traffic accidents, potentially leaving them without access to compensation or representation.

MoJ: No change to whiplash reform timetable
Legal Futures, 1st November 2019
MASS Chair, Paul Nicholls’ calls for a delay to the implementation of the Civil Liability Act 2018 following the announcement of a General Election in December 2019.

October 2019

Coverage of the speech by Chair, Paul Nicholls, at the MASS Annual Conference on 16 October 2019 in which he addressed the many remaining problems with the Government’s reform agenda and called for a delay in its implementation unless substantial progress is made soon.

September 2019

MoJ on whiplash portal: “We must not rush it”
Legal Futures, 27 September 2019
Having spoken at Legal Futures PI Conference in Manchester, Paul Nicholls is referenced in the follow-up article as saying: “he thought the reforms would be delayed, and warned of “chaos” if they were not.”

Decisions still to be made
Modern Insurance Magazine Issue 40, 13th September 2019
MASS Chair, Paul Nicholls’ article on the difficult path to implementation in April 2020 of the Government’s whiplash reforms.

August 2019

Trade voice – Paul Nicholls, MASS Chair
Insurance Post, 2 August 2019
Article by MASS Chair, Paul Nicholls, on the many uncertainties and outstanding issues facing the development of the new Portal and other changes associated with the so-called whiplash reforms.

July 2019

Protecting the accident victim
Modern Insurance Magazine Issue 39, 25th July 2019
MASS Chair, Paul Nicholls’ article on the long list of outstanding issues that need to be resolved before the new RTA claims process is implemented in April 2020.

Credit hire and repair costs “recoverable under new portal”
Legal Futures, 23 July 2019
Article on Lord Keen’s response to the MASS letter in June 2019 defending the Government’s reform agenda and responding to our criticisms. Lord Keen is the Government’s Advocate General for Scotland and speaks on behalf of the Ministry of Justice in the House of Lords.

Trade body calls for optimism on government’s RTA claims vision
Insurance Business UK, 22nd July 2019
Further reaction to MASS’s letter to the Lord Chancellor in June 2019 with a response from the Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL).

June 2019

Anger with MoJ over whiplash reforms begins to boil over
Legal Futures, 26th June 2019
References MASS’ criticism of MoJ earlier this month of cutting corners in developing the new whiplash portal.

Fraud Charter ‘Help us stamp out bad CMCs’ – FCA’s plea to the industry
Insurance Times, 19th June 2019
Article contains several references to MASS’ open letter to MoJ earlier in June 2019.

Several articles on MASS’ publication (12 June 2019) of an open letter to the Lord Chancellor of the Exchequer setting out a number of concerns with the proposed new RTA claims process within the following areas: dual operation of the existing Portal and new LIP Portal; minors/protected parties; rehabilitation, credit hire and repair costs; MedCo integration and expansion; and the reform development process.

MASS comment on the new claims process
3 June 2019
“As the latest ABI figures show, the average cost of PI bodily injury claims has fallen dramatically, and the overall numbers of claims are either falling or relatively steady. Meanwhile, claims costs are going up, largely through repair costs. Add in the enhanced role of CMCs, insurers having to deal with LIPs, the ongoing costs of managing and maintaining the new Portal, I really wonder, even for an insurer, is it worth it?”

“It is anybody’s guess whether the new Portal will be fully operational and fit-for-purpose by April 2020. We’re concerned about what a minimum viable product might mean. If it’s not right, then it should be delayed further. No-one wants a half-baked system that will create further problems.”

“Development of the Portal is a complex job and it is no wonder that the cost has risen. The recent MedCo consultation starkly highlighted some of the integration issues. And this is before we have any sight of what might be proposed for credit hire, repair and rehab.”

April 2019

What does the future look like?
Modern Insurance Magazine, Issue 37
Article by MASS Chair, Paul Nicholls, criticising the Ministry of Justice’s internal review of Part 2 of the LASPO legislation.

Speed limiters in cars ‘could create insurance gap’
Insurance Post, 4 April 2019
Contains MASS comment on speed limiters:
“Accidents don’t always occur due to speed, but due to impaired driving or carelessness. Whilst we fully support any ways to improve road safety and reduce the terrible toll of road traffic accidents, a speed limiter may also have some detrimental consequences which need to be carefully considered, such as encouraging people to drive at the maximum speed or preventing exiting from a dangerous situation.” (Paul Nicholls, MASS Chair)

February 2019

The devil is in the detail
Modern Insurance Magazine Issue 36, 19th February 2019

MASS Chair, Paul Nicholls’ article on the continued development of the Government’s whiplash reforms and the internal policy development work underway.

Several articles on MoJ’s post-implementation review of Part 2 of the LASPO legislation containing quotes from MASS.

MASS comment on the LASPO Part 2 Review
Press release – 7th February 2019
Paul Nicholls, MASS Chair, responds to the MoJ’s Post-Implementation Review of Part 2 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO) – Civil litigation funding and costs

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