Extracts from Chair’s speech to MASS Annual Conference 2017

Press release
11th October 2017

Extracts from Chair's speech to MASS Annual Conference 2017Extracts from Chair's speech to MASS Annual Conference 2017Speaking today at the MASS annual conference 2017 in Sheffield, MASS Chair, Simon Stanfield, questioned what the Government’s proposed changes to whiplash are set to achieve:

“In 2015 the purpose was supposedly clear. It was to tackle and change fraudulent behaviour. In the words of the former Justice Minister Sir Oliver Heald, the Government wanted to disincentivise minor, exaggerated and fraudulent whiplash claims. Since then, tackling fraud has all but dropped off the Governments stated justifications for its so-called whiplash reforms. Fraudulent behaviour does remain a problem, and it will only be tackled collaboratively by the whole industry across many fronts, but the programme proposed by the Government is not the solution.

MASS will continue to oppose the Government’s plans pointing out why the proposals are deeply unfair. How they miss what should be the main targets. How it has too many loopholes and gaps. How it will result in an increasingly unregulated claims market with a range of uncertain outcomes.”

A full version of the speech, which included sections on the LASPO review and the Discount Rate, is available here.

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