Member testimonials

Why others have joined us

Every firm applying to join MASS is asked the same question – “Why do you want to join MASS?”

Here are just some of the answers given by firms who have joined us:

“The Scottish group at MASS enthusiastically share information between the group on happenings;  tactics, etc., and I can see the benefit in Friends Legal being part of that and the time being right.”

Friends Legal (2018)

“Would like to help raise the profile of MASS in Northern Ireland in particular help educate some of the smaller firms in how to run their practices more efficiently with a greater knowledge of RTA Law and Practice.”

MTB Solicitors (2018)

“Want industry updates and to join in the fight against the recent Government proposals. Wants to attend and provide input to the quarterly meetings. Wants to share information in difficult cases, discuss Court hearings results, tactics, etc., with the Region.”

Oliver & Co Limited (2017)

“Have had a London office for some years but previously engaged in the areas of clinical negligence and professional negligence. Recently the London office have started to do RTA work. As a result feel that the London office would benefit from the same support from membership of MASS currently enjoyed by its Wirral office.”

The Specter Partnership (2017)

“The attraction is to participate as part of group discussion and the conjoined approach adopted by MASS Scotland members to practice and procedure in Scotland as discussed at meetings. Performance and function of the new SPIC in Scotland being but one example. Well aware of good work that goes on in respect of sharing of information and adopting of good practices via the MASS Scotland group and wants Harper Macleod want to be part of that.”

Harper Macleod LLP (2016)

“Wants firm to join MASS to contribute to the campaign against the November proposals and the other challenges the profession faces, as well as being able to show the firm’s quality and expertise through the MASS brand.”

Broadgate Legal (2016)

How our Members feel

When we talk to our members about what they feel is important to them, we do get a variety of answers, but the overall values are in the same vein:

  • MASS is a body well recognised within the industry
  • Recommend membership to anyone involved in PI/RTA work
  • Very helpful to meet others doing same kind of work
  • We are all in it for the same reason – to help people – that’s the name of the game
  • We are a community
  • It’s a great way to be involved

Would you like to join us?

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Our Mission Statement

MASS promotes the highest standards of legal services through education and representation in the pursuit of justice for victims of road traffic accidents.