MASS Conference 2018 – Fabulous Feedback!

We’d like to share some feedback received from people who attended their first MASS Conference in 2018:

“I attended mainly because I have been so impressed with the work MASS have been doing on the small claims and whiplash reforms and felt that the conference was a good way of bringing all the latest information together. I thought that MASS had put together an interesting schedule of events. Overall I was very impressed both with the quality of presentations, the content, the venue, the numbers attending and the general atmosphere. If anything it exceeded my expectations. Attending was a very good use of my time both in terms of, as I say, bringing me even more up to date with the politics of motor accident claims, updating my continuing professional development, networking opportunities, not to mention that I found the whole thing quite enjoyable as well!”

Neille Ryan, Partner & Head of Personal Injury, Furley Page (Full Member)

“I was very impressed. Having been to many conferences, I have noted the tendency to be “light” on the legal issues, but this is not the case with MASS. All the speakers addressed relevant legal issues to RTA work and moreover to a challenging level which dented my ignorance. Secondly, MASS does not stretch out the conference unnecessarily; it is compact and focused on issues relevant to everyday practice. Thirdly, the delegates who attended were a friendly and engaging bunch, and so the social aspects were really enjoyable. Therefore, if there is a choice to made between a wide range of conferences then the MASS conference should be right up there.”

Tim Meakin, Barrister, Seven Bedford Row (Associate Member)

So, if you’ve not attended a MASS Conference before make sure you join us in 2021 – we will make you very welcome!

MASS Conference 2021

We are pleased to let you know that the next MASS Conference will be on Thursday 21st October.

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Our Mission Statement

MASS promotes the highest standards of legal services through education and representation in the pursuit of justice for victims of road traffic accidents.